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Fishing Sheridan Lake

Fishing Sheridan Lake, BC, is a unique experience. Sheridan Lake is a World Class
Rainbow trout fishing lake producing some monster rainbow trout and attracts trout fishermen from all corners of North America.

Located in the Interlakes district of Cariboo Chilcotin on the British Columbia's famous ‘Fishing Highway #24', Sheridan lake is 1659-hectares (4098 acres) and spring-fed, with miles of shoreline and productive shoals. The lake is well stocked with rainbow trout - 300,000 annually - many reaching trophy size. While the average rainbow weights 3 pounds, fish over 10 pounds are caught every year! This occurrence is due to the abundant shrimp and insect populations that encourage a rapid growth rate of the trout. Easy access and heavy angling don't matter; the challenge of catching the average and larger than average rainbows is not diminished nor hampered. Proof of this is in the repeat customers at Sheridan Lake Resort.

Angling Wall of Fame

Check out our Sheridan Lake Angling Wall of Fame! You'll enjoy photos of massive rainbow trout caught on-site with sizes that often exceed 6 pounds. Pour a coffee, click the slideshow, sit back, and daydream of your next visit to Sheridan Lake. Then pick up the phone and make it a reality. We would love to post a photo of you and your monster Sheridan Lake rainbow on the wall this year!